Monday, December 12, 2011

Laptop touchpad connected to PS/2

In recent posts I wrote about connecting a laptop's touchpad to a desktop using a PS/2 connector. Here are some pictures with the touchpad. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, the pin connection are the same to the other post you made?

    I have an TM1292 (920-001384-01) but a ihad no luck finding the pinouts, & no info about this specific board model, not even a photo, the chip is convered with some kind of plastic bubble (not the classic squared chip like yours) hope you can helpme tnx

  2. Hi Onieto, unfortunately I couldn't find anything about the touchpad you're writing about. Are you sure this is the touchpad code because it seems the TM1292 is the palm rest code.
    The most important thing about the touchpad is to make sure you connect the Vcc+ to the proper pin, otherwise you can damage it.

  3. Hello, I need help about what it seems to be a newer model of Synaptics touchpad, Synaptics 920-001007-01RevA
    I had no luck finding Pinouts I need so I wonder if you can help me.
    I will give you more information if you need.
    Best regards.

  4. I found a post on that claims to have the pinouts for TM51PUF1R372 (Synaptics 920-001007-01RevA):

    You can find the details here:

    T20 - +5V
    T10 - CLK
    T11 - Data
    Big metal - GND

    1. para un tm41pdf350-1 no encuentro como acer las conexiones ayuda por favor mi correo [email protected]

      sinaptics tm41pdf350 for-1 as I find acer connections please help me my mail [email protected] plis

  5. También para el synaptic tm00396,de una compaq, funciona misma configuración de pines t10= clk, t11=data, t22=vcc, t23=gnd, con convertidor usb también funciona

  6. tm00396001
    Help me for this. Pinout not found

  7. Could you please help me to find the pinout for this one?
    The model number is TM-01571-001 and Synaptics number is TM1571 920-001769-01RevA

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