Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Symbian Programming - still impossible to do

During the last four years I've attempted to write native apps for Symbian powered phones - mainly Nokia. 

I tried taking up programming in C for Symbian a few times but the coding style, program structure, signing process gave me headaches every time.

After seeing QT code I said to myself: "well, this looks human enough - let's give it a try".

As I am writing this post, it's the second or third time I've tried to install the QT Sdk from Nokia and build & run a HELLO WORLD project on their Emulator/Simulator. It's  a shame to say that on a clean Windows XP Sp3 installation, the QT Sdk installer yield an error, reinstalled it - another error.
Created a simple blank application, another error: "module is not installed". 

WTF Nokia - this is just out of the box! It's really extremely annoying - without trying to do anything fancy I JUST DOESN'T WORK?! The same stuff happened with the old C for Symbian setup - you would get like 100 warnings when trying to compile one of their samples provided with their installer...

This is why IOS & Android are 100 lightyears in front of the old rusty Symbian.

I give up...