Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nokia E7 - camera light troubleshooting

Trying to take a picture after sunset I realized that the camera flash wasn't lighting.
After going through the settings a few times, rebooting the phone, trying to turn that light in flashlight mode (holding the  unlock button in the main screen) - I gave up: the camera flash on the new E7 was broken.
When going in flashlight mode, the phone vibrated. So, the light function was activated/deactivated (no light though).
Not being able to remove the battery left me clueless (it's an internal battery, like the one on the iPhone).
But, when messing around with the phone, I realized the following: when the Nokia E7 was turned off, I kept the power button pressed and the phone vibrated 3 times and booted. Surprise: the camera led was working again!!!
 I don't know if that applies to other phones/models but I worked for me, another visit to the service avoided.

Later Edit
I took the phone apart :) The flash light module has 2 contacts that were not pressing on the mainboard hard enough. Bending and tensing the two copper contacts toward the mainboard did the trick.


  1. Update:

    The camera flash is down again - still looking for a fix :(

    Holding the power button for 8 seconds turns off your phone (vibrates 3 times).

  2. Slightly pressing the transparent frame on top of the flash seems to enable the light sometimes. It seems it's a hardware issue...

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