Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blackberry Playbook Update - OS 2.0

Finally RIM released the new operating system for Playbook today, 21th of February.
I Haven't had a lot of time to use it but the most important features are: 
- Messages (email client)
- Contacts 
- Calendar

I completed the setup with a Gmail account in just a few seconds, the synchronization seems to work (the calendar and contacts were filled in very fast).
I didn't succeed in syncing with a free Yahoo Mail account (an invalid SMTP server setting issue).

The three apps Messages, Calendar and Contacts seem to work only in landscape mode.

A new interesting app/feature is called PrintToGo. It allows you to copy documents from your computer to your Playbook. Actually you can print the documents to your Playbook using a virtual printer. 
Check it you, it's cool.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nokia Belle on Nokia E7

Nokia Belle released for "old" models
It's been a few months since Nokia announced the release of Symbian Belle, the new version of Symbian powered phones.
Well, on the 8th of February the update was finally released. The new Symbian Belle is now called Nokia Belle. Nokia seems to be dropping the Symbian name and they are doing the same Ovi. Maybe the brand Nokia is more powerful without the two names...

Nokia Belle can be installed on the latest phones like E7,C7, N8, E6 etc. To check if your phone is going to receive the update, check this site out: http://europe.nokia.com/symbian-belle.
For installation you must connect the phone to your computer, and using the PcSuite software (or however they call it now) you can easily get your phone up'n'running.

Fist thoughts
After the first update (to Symbian Anna) I was a little skeptical about the new update, but then again, I still had a little bit of hope. It was really a shame that I couldn't use my Nokia E7 because of the slow, weird operating system. I mean, Nokia E7 is a really awesome phone: it has aluminum casing, qwerty keyboard, AMOLED display, enough CPU (~600Mhz), WiFi, A-GPS and I can go on and on.

I installed Nokia Belle:
- it seems to be faster
- flexible widgets (you can move them around at what position you desire)
- 6 tabs for internet browsing (accessible by 1 button click - that is really)
- Android style notification bar (also you can toggle Wifi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Silent Mode)

Overall, Nokia Belle is a really interesting update, a  breath of fresh air at a first  glance!

Everybody update!!!