Monday, May 16, 2011

PlayBook fast battery discharge

FIX: Open the Video Chat application and accept Agreement. 
Full story:
When first powered on, the Blackberry PlayBook requested an operating system update. After the update process was completed successfully I fully charged the tablet. To my amazement, the next morning the PlayBook was turned off and battery was empty, 0%, dead!

I thought it would need a recalibration or something like that (Android powered phones sometime need after rooting and installing a new OS). After charging the PlayBook a few times the battery life was the same (a few hours). The battery was discharging in an incredible fast rate when in standby mode.Thinking the Playbook was  broken I emailed support. They answered the next day with the fix.


  1. I suggest you go to your nearest service center to fix that problem. That's only your option right now.

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