Thursday, September 15, 2011

PimpClock - the fully customizable digital/binary clock for your iPad

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Pimp Clock - the fully customizable clock for your iPad is here.
Short review about how Pimp Clock works and feels and about how you can customize it to get the most of it.

Pimp Clock - Compatibility 
First of all, Pimp Clock is an application created for Apple  iPad. It runs on iPad 2 and also on the first generation of iPad. The features are the same on both devices and the application behavior should be identical.

Pimp Clock - General information
If some guys that did a show where they could "Pimp their Ride", why shouldn't you be able to Pimp your Clock
Having this in mind, we created this wonderful application that allows you to fully customize the way the Time and Date are displayed on that gorgeous iPad screen.
You can set a wide range of parameters like: color, texture, size, shape, position for the clock and date, but we'll cover each parameter this later in this review.

Pimp Clock  - Digital Clock and Date
The clock and date can be displayed in digital format for an easy reading.
Here's  a list of what you can do with the clock and date:
  • hide/display the clock/date 
  • move the clock and date freely on the screen to the desired position just by simple dragging
  • adjust the size of the objects to make the digits more visible and match the background image shape
  • customize the way the clock/ date looks:
    • adjust the digit colors
    • select the digit shape
    • choose the digit texture image
    • fine tune the width of the segments composing the digits
    • adjust the clock's/ date's opacity
    • attach a beveled background to increase the clock's contrast (the background has adjustable transparency and color)
  • customize the clock's functional parameters
    • toggle between 12 hours mode and 24 hours
    • hide/display clock's seconds
    • enable/disable blinking separating dots
  • customize the date's functional parameters
    • select the date format according to your locale (DayMonthYear, YMD, MDY)
    • choose the date separator (dash/dot/slash)

Pimp Clock  - Binary Clock and Date - Let the geek inside run wild!
If you are bored with the digital format you can choose to use the binary display to do some brain workout.
It takes some time to read binary but someone has to do it :). PimpClock includes a detailed help page where you can find out more about binary and how to read it - just check it out. Even if you don't want to read it, it's really cool looking.

The Binary Clock and Date have basically the same customizable features like the Digital Clock and Date. In addition to the features mentioned above, we added the BCD system to make reading easier. By using the BCD system the number 28 (11100 - in binary) becomes 2 and 8 (10, 100 - in BCD). Instead reading a large binary number, you read two small binary numbers. More on binary and BCD can be found in the app's help.

Pimp Clock - Alarm Clock
Like all respectable clocks designed for the iPad, PimpClock has a cool and intuitive alarm clock.
Here's how you can customize the alarm to fit your needs:
  • adjust the alarm time
  • toggle alarm daily repeat
  • select alarm melody
  • select snooze melody
  • select snooze length
Waking up sometimes poses problems to all of us but it's nice to have the option of fully customizing the way we want to be woken up. 
The snooze length, snooze melody, alarm melody can make your life easier.We designed different wake up songs for alarm and snooze so you know for sure when you need to wake up for real and when you can take a little nap. 
The snooze-once system makes sure you don't oversleep by allowing you to press snooze only once. Maybe you want to snooze for 1 minute or you have the royalty option to snooze for 30 minutes, it's really up to you.
The alarm is configurable only in normal digital system even if you display the clock in binary so there will never be a confusion/mistake when setting it.

That's it, thanks for reading!

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