Monday, October 24, 2011

iPad 1 - enable multitouch gestures without jailbreaking

As you maybe already know when Apple released iOS 5, the new iPad 2 received a brand new set of gestures:
- four finger swipe left/right - to change the active application
- four finger swipe up - to show the list of apps that are "running"
- four finger pinch - close the active application

Developers had the gestures enabled for iPad 1 as well. When upgrading to iOS 5, the gestures disappeared.  Apple only activated multitouch gestures for iPad 2 in spite of the fact that the gestures were behaving perfectly on the iPad 1. 

Until today, the solution for enabling the multitouch gestures was to tether jailbreak your device and edit some files - and that was not an option for most of the users because tethered jailbreaking has its downsides.

Just a few days after iOS 5 was released, a guy named d.B. found a solution to enable multitouch gestures for iPad 1st generation without the need of jailbreaking the device
That is just awesome and here's how he did it: he wrote a small program that would modify the files that disabled the multitouch and injected that program in redsn0w replacing the normal jailbreak program.

You can read more about how he did this right iPad 1 multitouch gestures no jailbreak.

Great job d.B.!

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