Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blackberry Playbook Update - OS 2.0

Finally RIM released the new operating system for Playbook today, 21th of February.
I Haven't had a lot of time to use it but the most important features are: 
- Messages (email client)
- Contacts 
- Calendar

I completed the setup with a Gmail account in just a few seconds, the synchronization seems to work (the calendar and contacts were filled in very fast).
I didn't succeed in syncing with a free Yahoo Mail account (an invalid SMTP server setting issue).

The three apps Messages, Calendar and Contacts seem to work only in landscape mode.

A new interesting app/feature is called PrintToGo. It allows you to copy documents from your computer to your Playbook. Actually you can print the documents to your Playbook using a virtual printer. 
Check it you, it's cool.

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